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So you got a Mac, your wonderful private computer which you use everyday, the same one you store all your important files and photos on. For most of the Mac loving users out there, your Mac is pretty much your life. Now imagine what happens if your Mac gets infested by a virus, and you can’t access any of your files? Why not prevent it from ever happening by using AVG for Mac for free?

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AVG is hands down the best free antivirus for mac you can get. You can use it for online browser protection as well as a regular antivirus which protects against viruses and malware. AVG Link Scanner for Mac will warn you from any malicious online activity and keep your system secured 24/7.

Mac computers are known to be more secured than Windows PCs. This is why some Mac users do not install extra protection on their computer like an antivirus program. However, hackers are now targeting Apple devices like Mac PCs because of the continuously increasing number of people that uses them. Though it has a lower chance that a Mac will be infected by virus, it is recommended that users secure their PC. There are several free Mac antivirus programs that they can get for free, so why take the chances of having their PC infected? One of the most popular antivirus software that these users can get is AVG for Mac.

AVG Keeping your Mac safe, at all times!

This is a free antivirus software that can be downloaded online. There are two options to download the program, either using the download manager or downloading the whole installer. Downloading the program using the download manager is recommended for those who have fast and reliable Internet connection. Once downloaded, this can be installed on the computer where the download was done. However, for those who would like to have a copy of the program that they can install on other computers or that they can use in the future, the whole installer must be downloaded.

AVG can effectively protect the computer from virus and spyware. It can detect known viruses and even more. The paid antivirus may be able to block more viruses and spyware, but this is the best that users can get for free. This program receives update when new viruses or spyware are found. Users must ensure that they allow the update to keep their computers protected. It is easy to install and run, plus it doesn’t use a lot of space on the PC. Even when it is turned on, it works silently on the background without slowing down the computer. Users can use their PC as normal and can go on with their daily computer routine without experiencing slowness, which is the usual problem of PC users that have antivirus on the background.

There is no single antivirus that can protect the computer 100%. This is because hackers are always coming up with new viruses and spywares to attack computers. The good news is that antivirus developers are also continuously on trying to detect them and finding ways on how to block them. This is why updates are being sent to users to block newly discovered viruses and spywares. Mac users must remember that there should only be one antivirus installed on the computer. They can add firewall protection on their PC but not another antivirus if they already have one installed as they may conflict with each other. When this happens, users may experience problems on their PC or they will not get the protection that they need.

Those who have installed AVG and wish to uninstall it for some reason may download the AVG removal tool, which is also available for free. However, if the computer does not have any existing virus protection, it is recommended to have AVG downloaded and installed on their computer.